The company

Terishield, founded in 2016 in Lugano, establishes itself as a point of reference in the field of cybersecurity consultancy and structuring of actions to cover related risks, thanks to its high-level Cybersecurity & Finance Risk Framework (CFRF) compliant with the most stringent standards. rigorous in the industry. Our CFRF integrates advanced processes and technologies to ensure customers have robust security, significantly reducing exposure to cyber risks.

The framework is based on a structured approach that offers complete and targeted protection, integrating aspects such as prevention, detection (through the CDC, or our Cyber ​​Defense Centre), “corrective”, “compensatory” and administrative controls ( ie Governance & Risk Compliance) and finally the “recovery” as well as engineering of strategic support projects by applying mathematical, statistical and economic models anchored to the database collected through our systems.

Cybersecurity & Finance Risk Framework
CFRF is the core that fully describes Terishield’s activity.

Specialized in limiting risks

Security is an essential pillar to ensure that Terishield SA continues to grow sustainably, while ensuring a high-quality service to customers, suppliers, employees and partners. His role is vital to maintaining and strengthening the organisation’s reputation for integrity and excellence in business relationships.

Our corporate culture places great emphasis on risk management, a practice that is strengthened and perpetuated through a comprehensive and detailed approach to security. In this context, information security is fundamental and depends on everyone’s collaboration. It is critical that every employee who interacts with information and information systems actively participates in and supports our security initiatives, thereby helping to create a safe and secure work environment.

Terishield is an international company with a team of professionals working remotely from different parts of the world, ready to intervene at any time to meet customer needs. Despite our international presence, all our servers are strategically located in Switzerland, ensuring security and reliability in accordance with high Swiss technical and regulatory standards.

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